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BAKU - LAB - Estrimont - art -
BAKU - LAB - Estrimont - art -

Baku - Prehensile - Original

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Pigments | Epoxy | Panneau de Bois | Wooden Panels

Baku - Artiste.


Le destin semble souvent funeste, et les ramifications dans lesquelles s'enchaîne celui-ci résultent du chaos. Pourtant, cette rencontre entre deux êtres égarés ils l'ont exprimé en couleur, trouvant dans l'abstraction un vif réconfort. Ce divertissement devient bientôt un besoin qui les pousseraient à fonder le duo artistique Baku.

Fate often seems fatal and the ramifications in which it is linked result from chaos. However, this encounter between two misguided beings escapes from it:What words could not say, they expressed in color, finding in abstraction a strong comfort. This entertainment soon becomes a need that would push them to found the artistic duo Baku.

Baku's testimonial: Prehensile is a very large piece. This wide frame allowed us to explore a new idea. We like to define our style by creating central abstractions on canvases. We created two abstracts elements for Prehensile. It feels like the two of them communicate.

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